Monday, May 24, 2010

Go Cards!

We have been talking all spring about taking the kids to a Cardinal's game and yesterday was the day. Thanks to Craigslist, Paul was able to score us some good tickets in the shade which was nice since it was 92 degrees yesterday! We made it through 7 innings and I only had to spend two of those chasing Jonah around in the halls. When we left the Cards were down by two but came back to win in the 10th inning. We had fun I think. I didn't see much of the game!

With my sister Bethany. Did I mention she's living with us till the end of July??

Baby's first Cards game.

Slip N Slide

Last summer Leah loved the slip and slide. However, I tossed the one we had last summer. It was pretty gross & part of it was broken. It saw lots of mud and grass and such. Yesterday we stopped and Marshalls and LEah went through the check out line with daddy while I was cruising the clearance section in the back. She talked daddy into a new slip and slide. This one has a tunnel to go over it too but we didn't get that part up yet. We invited some playgroup friends to come over and try it out with us (yes us, I took a turn too). Leah loved it, especially when I picked her and Jonah up and threw them down the slide super fast!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

36 hrs in Nashville

Back in April my friend Ronda and I hopped on an airplane early on Saturday morning headed to San Antonio! It was a great 36 hrs visiting our friend Jennifer who moved down there with her family in March. We had a small shower for Jen and then hit the Riverwalk for the rest of the evening. Fun times for sure!

Of course, it may be the last time I ever get to go anywhere. Paul had quite the time with the kids!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend in Nashville

Paul had a meeting for work at Opryland Hotel down in Nashville so the kids and I drove down at the end of the week to hang out with him. We learned that 3 nights in a small hotel room with little people is less than ideal but we survived. We spent some quality time in the swimming pool and exploring the gorgeous gardens at the hotel. Supper at the Aquarium and lunch at Wildhorse Saloon were pretty cool too.

Ready for swimming!!
Pretty girl in the gardens
Ice Cream!
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swimming with daddy!

my two trouble makers

The Aquarium

Blog Schmog

ugh, I am miserably behind on blogging. I missed posting about our sort of fun weekend in Nashville. I haven't posted about my fun 36 hr get away to San Antonio to see my friend Jennifer. I haven't posted about my sewing adventures. I haven't posted about hosting a huge babyshower for my playgroup. Really, I think it's the spring weather. We are busy but I'd rather be outdoors than in front of the computer. I shall add a few pics. Then back to to the grind around these parts!