Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bat Girl


So about two months ago we started talking about what the kids would dress up as for Halloween. I picked out a cute fireman costume for Jonah at a rummage sale over the summer and Leah was perfectly happy dressing up in her princess gear. That last quite awhile until I recieved a magazine with a boy with a bat hat on the cover. Leah thought it was cool and switched her tune. SHe over and over requested a bat costume instead! Well, I tapped the internet for some ideas and came up with a pretty easy one. We cut an umbrella in half and sewed it to a sweatshirt! I picked up the ears at Walgreens. The combination made for one VERY happy little girl.

Oh and she was the only kid at her school in a homemade costume and the only girl who was not dressed as a princess!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Parents

The first weekend in October Paul had to be out of town for business meeting. Usually when that happens I pack the kids up and head to my parents to hangout. This time though, I found out that my mom was headed up to north west IOwa for teacher meetings. Since my Grandma & aunt, uncle & cousins live there we decided to go along for the ride. . . . . . and it was a LONG ride. (Kitty corner across IA! Keokuk to almost Sioux Falls, SD in one day!) The kids were troopers and I was VERY thankful for the DVD player in the car. Makes me wonder how my parents traveled long distances with four kids in the car.

Anyway, we were hoping to get a taste of the farm while in IOwa but the weather did give us much opportunity for that. Leah did get to see her cousin's bottle calves, market steers & bunnies and we made a fun trip to the Washington Pavillion in Sioux Falls, SD. It was great to see family and I think our visit really made Great-Grandma's day.

We broke up the trip home by spending a night in Pella. Grandma Helen & Grandpa Lee squeezed in a trip to the park and a walk in the prairie even though it was chilly!

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I am dreadfully behind on getting photos up here and blogging about what we have been up too. YOu'd think with the down right dreary cold weather we've been having I'd have lots of time on the computer. NOPE! Too busy hauling JOnah off the counter tops and table tops.

Yesterday we made our first pumpkin farm visit of the season. It felt more like winter but we had fun anyway. The corn box was the kids favorite. We got a quite a few laughs when Leah's classmates & parents saw me sticking my hands in her pants to pull out corn! Her boots were full of corn too. I'm trying a new program for the photos so we'll see how this goes!




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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conversations with Leah

We took a trip to NW Iowa last week to see my grandma. We had this conversation in the car.

"Mom, we are going to see great grandma right?"

"Yes Leah, we are going to see her at the nursing home"

"Where is grandpa? Does he live at the baby nursing home too?"

"No, he's in heaven"

"With God? How did he get there"

"WEll his body isn't there Leah but his soul is. It's hard to explain. When you die just part of you goes to heaven"

"I think that you hold an umbrella and fly up to the sky. Up above clouds to heaven to be with God. I think that would be really fun mom."

"Me too Leah"

"I was just thinking about that mom"