Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conversations with Leah

We took a trip to NW Iowa last week to see my grandma. We had this conversation in the car.

"Mom, we are going to see great grandma right?"

"Yes Leah, we are going to see her at the nursing home"

"Where is grandpa? Does he live at the baby nursing home too?"

"No, he's in heaven"

"With God? How did he get there"

"WEll his body isn't there Leah but his soul is. It's hard to explain. When you die just part of you goes to heaven"

"I think that you hold an umbrella and fly up to the sky. Up above clouds to heaven to be with God. I think that would be really fun mom."

"Me too Leah"

"I was just thinking about that mom"

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