Tuesday, September 23, 2008

making faces

Leah will now "make faces" on command. She does a couple of silly faces as well as a monkey, a fish, and a monster. Girl has always had a sense of humor and is now into putting on a show as well. She thinks she is pretty darn funny. Here is a sampling. Oh and she didn't stick her finger in an electric socket, that just her hair after being braided all day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

photos for auntie Bethie

I talked my sister Bethany on the phone this morning. She reports that she is a regular reader of this blog even though she RARELY posts comments. She requested additional photos of the little man. I keep talking about how much he is changing and how fast. I guess she needs proof! Oh and I've thrown in a few others too!

This one was of Paul and I at our friend Wendy's James Bond party last weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pull My Finger

So we all had the uncle, grandpa, dad, cousin, someone who was "that guy". The one who held out his finger for you to pull when you were a small child and when you did let loose a big loud stinky fart. I'm so lucky that both my dad and my husband love this little game.

Well, last night I realized that I am even luckier! Paul decided that teaching Leah this little trick was a good idea. So she's great at pulling his finger and waiting for the "toot" as she calls it. Well now she holds out her finger for Paul to pull and squeezes out a toot of her own. And of course Paul is OVERJOYED and I think I may have heard him say "this is the proudest moment of my life". . . . .really. It got funnier when she held out her little finger to be pulled four times in a row and managed to squeeze out a fart each time. It was too the point where we were scared she was going to squeeze out a turd too.

So yes, if you feel the need to pull a finger. Just ask, Leah and Paul can both squeeze out a fart for you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

motor skills

My munchkins have been working on thier motor skills this week. Jonah is working hard on rolling from his belly to his back. I know that he's not supposed to be able to do this yet but he has done it several times. . . . of course not when I'm there to catch it on film. He is a strong little booger.

As for Leah, she totally impressed me with her ability to string beads with very tiny holes on a very tiny elastic thread. She lost patience quickly but she managed to make a bracelet for herself. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby's First Bath

No, these are not new photos. We have given Jonah more than one bath since he came home over 3 weeks ago. In fact, he gets lots of baths because he feels the need to projectile vomit at least once a day covering himself and usualy me with milk. Lovely.

Anyway, I find I guess these photos give evidence to the fact that things are harder with two kids. Leah insisted on "helping" with Jonah's bath which is why she is in every photo! That or it is evidence to my husband's poor photography skills!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yes, poop. It's a common topic of conversation at our home. How could it not be with a brand new baby and a newly potty trained two year old! So what do I have to say about poop????

Paul is convinced that both Leah and Jonah are truly his off spring due to thier pooping skills. Jonah is a poop machine and seems to have mastered the art of the "wet fart". I don't know that I have ever heard a baby fart as loud, long and juicily as this one. We are going to go broke buying diapers for him! The only good thing about his frequent pooping is that we know he is getting enough of the boob juice!

As for Leah, Paul is throughly disturbed by the size of her turds. I have heard him describe them as many things although "poop grenades" was the one that made me laugh the hardest. The other morning he got me out of bed to check out her giant turd before he would flush it. He can't figure out how something so huge comes out of our little girl.

Sometimes I feel like we are back in junior high with all of this poop talk. I guess it's better than us all being constipated though!

Monday, September 1, 2008

a trip to the Butterfly House

Well my parents can't seem to get enough of the grandkids and made the trek down from Iowa again this weekend. The hardest part of having a new baby for Leah and I has been the fact that it's a lot harder for us to head out to all our regular playdates and activites. I've shared this frustration with my mom and when she asked what we would like to do this weekend I said "get out of the house!" Paul get permission to go golfing and we packed up the kids for a trip for doughnuts, to Costco and to see the butterflies!