Friday, September 19, 2008

Pull My Finger

So we all had the uncle, grandpa, dad, cousin, someone who was "that guy". The one who held out his finger for you to pull when you were a small child and when you did let loose a big loud stinky fart. I'm so lucky that both my dad and my husband love this little game.

Well, last night I realized that I am even luckier! Paul decided that teaching Leah this little trick was a good idea. So she's great at pulling his finger and waiting for the "toot" as she calls it. Well now she holds out her finger for Paul to pull and squeezes out a toot of her own. And of course Paul is OVERJOYED and I think I may have heard him say "this is the proudest moment of my life". . . . .really. It got funnier when she held out her little finger to be pulled four times in a row and managed to squeeze out a fart each time. It was too the point where we were scared she was going to squeeze out a turd too.

So yes, if you feel the need to pull a finger. Just ask, Leah and Paul can both squeeze out a fart for you.

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