Friday, April 24, 2009

Ma Ma

Since Paul swears that Leah said "Dada" first it sure is nice that Jonah is saying "Mama" first!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Perfect Photo

So it's really hard trying to get a decent photo of two kids. At least a decent one where they are both looking at the camera and making a "normal" enough face. See, here are a few cute "not perfect" photos.

Who needs a bed?

A few weeks ago Leah, out of the blue, started asking to take her daily nap on the floor. I'm not sure if it's because that's what she does when she is with the sitter or because she saw a friend do it. As long as she takes a nap, I don't care!!! I relocated a few things in her room and in the process made a cozy corner with stuffed animals that Leah has claimed as her nap corner. Notice her nap routine: oodles of books, empty water cup, pink bunny & fuzzy duck blanket. Oh and this is just for naps. She sleeps in her bed at night. And yes, that is a very large blue stuffed pony.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Organized Sports

Tonight was Leah's first adventure into the world of playing organized sports. Soccer! Really seems like a perfect sport for three year olds. Leah was fired up and ready to go. She donned her shin guards and marched right out the door with her shiny pink ball that grandma & grandpa got her for her birthday.

All was well until it we got there and she had to put on the jersey. It was a no go. Guess green was against her fashion code tonight. The first ten minutes of her practice she spent crying and whining and trying to climb up my leg. I was a "mean" mom and lugged her across the field kicking her ball. Getting her out there was all it took for her to warm up! After she figured out how much fun it was she was lovin' it and kicked her pink princess ball all over the field and all the way back to the car when practice was over!

Now there are many other comments I could make about the joys of watching 3 year olds attempt to play soccer but we'll save those for another day. We have 5 more weeks to go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New York City!

So Jonah is trying his very hardest to crawl. He can't quite put the pieces all together yet. He does have the backward slide perfected as long as he is on the hardwood floors and has now figured out the forward slide as well. I am always asking "where are you going buddy?" Leah always replies, "New York City!"

I have no idea where she came up with New York City. Maybe because she has heard me talk about her Auntie Meagan & Uncle Ryan's plans to move to New York? Who knows? It really cracks me up though.

A Sleepover of Sorts

Last week my friend Jennifer and I did some trading of childcare. She watched Leah so I could take Jonah to the doctor and we had Carter here for the evening Friday so they could head to a business dinner! Yeah for good friends!

Leah was thrilled to have Carter here for a visit and even more thrilled that he got to go to sleep in her room. And yes, they really did both go to sleep. Leah was bummed that Carter disappeared during the night and was not there to have breakfast with her.

It was a fun filled evening but BUSY. I feel for people with twins. It was great that they entertained each other but two the same age keeps you on your toes!

Dress up time!

Decorating Eggs

the bubble bath!

tired munchkins!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leah's Birthday Makes the Big Time

I am feeling pretty cool this week because Leah's birthday party was featured on the blog Everyday Celebrating! Michelle, has all sorts of great party & decorating ideas!

Oh and her party also got a mention at!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom Guilt

Since I have shared the information a couple of other places on the internet, I suppose I shall put it here as well. I am suffering from a serious case of mom guilt. A case that will most likely last a life time. My baby will have a scar to remind me of the nasty accident that happened on Sunday. It was chilly so I boiled some water for tea. In a moment of mommy business I left it on the counter not thinking it was in reach of Jonah. Well, he used his monkey arms and got it and pulled it onto his leg. The result is a second degree burn circling his right calf.

We spent Sunday night in two emergency rooms getting him taken care of. To add to the craziness Paul was on an airplane returning from Florida and had to meet us downtown at Children's Hospital. Jonah handled the whole thing like a trooper and did fine with his trip back downtown to have his bandages changed on Monday. It's going to be a while before he's all healed up but he'll be okay. I think it will be a bit longer before the mom guilt fades away.

Here he is with his leg all bandaged up and yelling!

A Planter Project

So I have caught the gardening bug this spring. Eventually there will be another post about the fabulous raised bed Grandpa Lee built for us in the backyard, but today it is the story of the self watering planters we built on Saturday with our friends Jen & Carter and Carter's grandpa! We followed these directions if you want to make one too!

Those are the grown up directions. Here's the photo "kids" directions.

first cover your ears while the grown ups run the power tools

next eat some grass if you are so inclined

decorate your bucket with markers

don't forget to put the caps back on

decorate some more

add some final touches with paint!

put a plant in it! Water and enjoy!