Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sleepover of Sorts

Last week my friend Jennifer and I did some trading of childcare. She watched Leah so I could take Jonah to the doctor and we had Carter here for the evening Friday so they could head to a business dinner! Yeah for good friends!

Leah was thrilled to have Carter here for a visit and even more thrilled that he got to go to sleep in her room. And yes, they really did both go to sleep. Leah was bummed that Carter disappeared during the night and was not there to have breakfast with her.

It was a fun filled evening but BUSY. I feel for people with twins. It was great that they entertained each other but two the same age keeps you on your toes!

Dress up time!

Decorating Eggs

the bubble bath!

tired munchkins!


Beth said...

Oh, what a fun night!! Has Jennifer seen the picture of Carter all dolled up yet? ha,ha

Jennifer said...

Niiiice. Why does my kid have to look so darn happy in a dress? It does look like they had fun, though.

Miss J said...

I love the dress up pic! That is hilarious!

Violet said...

Love the dress, Carter! Pink really is your color!