Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monkey Boy

Have I mentioned that we call Jonah "monkey boy". He is a climber. Refuses to sit in shopping cart. Tries to scale the bookshelves in the YMCA childcare room. Hangs from the crib rail. Climbs backward up the slides at the playground. Regular little monkey.

This is how he arrived on the back of the couch.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

mmm Fritz's

"What would you two like?"
"Brown ice cream"


"yeah I want chocolate" "yeah me too" (said while jumping around in circles!)

"with sprinkles?"

"yeah sprinkles" "yeah sprinkles" (also said with jumping around with excitement!)

"okay two chocolates with sprinkles"

So Carter and Leah totally got to order for themselves tonight. I'm not sure I paraphrased their conversation with the girl at the window correctly because their order was complete and they were off running before Jen and I even walked up to the counter! Good thing we had the money to pay for their treats!

Mmm Fritz's sure tasted good tonight. Oh and it's custard not ice cream. Frozen custard seems to be the thing in Saint Louis.

And Jonah was happy about the free baby cone!

STL City Garden

So have I mentioned that I really like living close to a big city? More than I ever thought I would!! I wish I had the time and energy to explore more of the cool neighborhoods, nooks & crannies of STL but I guess that will come with time. Today we had a blast at the newest park downtown , City Garden. I guess it's not really a new park, but a newly renovated space. Regardless, it was a great time for the kids on a hot day! Makes you want to come cool off here doesn't it??

Baby's First Trip to Hooters

Yes, it does seem a bit "wrong" to make note of this but boy did it really crack me up! We have always been fans of the chicken wings at Hooters and stopped there for lunch on a visit downtown today. We figure Jonah will think this photo is really cool when he's 18 or so.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lonely Blog

Yes this blog has been neglected a bit lately. The kids and I were up in Iowa at my parents for a week while Paul was in Dallas, TX for work. We got our fill of the Iowa countryside, picking raspberries, fun times with the aunties, campfires, good times!

The kids with Grandma Helen & the garden

And Paul joined us at the end of the week to celebrate the 4th!
ETA: notice that last pic of us. It's the night of the 4th and we are NOT at the fireworks. Why not you ask??? Well because Leah is terrified!! She has developed a fear of all sorts of loud noises including: fireworks, thunder, & loud flushing toilets. So since Jonah was asleep & Grandpa started a great fire we skipped out!

The Price of Beauty

So all girls know that a made up face, great hair, etc, don't come with out a little time working on them. And fabulous curls take a LOT of work when you have the long, straight, smooth hair that Leah and I have. She has been asking for weeks to try out my hot rollers since she spied them in the closet a while back. This Saturday I pulled them out since Jonah was taking a nap and she had a birthday party to look cute for!

All was well until I told her they were hot. She freaked out!! Somehow I talked her into letting me put them in anyway. Guess I should be glad she wasn't impressed since I don't have time for hot rollers everyday!

Anyway, this is the finished product which she was quite thrilled with!