Thursday, July 16, 2009

mmm Fritz's

"What would you two like?"
"Brown ice cream"


"yeah I want chocolate" "yeah me too" (said while jumping around in circles!)

"with sprinkles?"

"yeah sprinkles" "yeah sprinkles" (also said with jumping around with excitement!)

"okay two chocolates with sprinkles"

So Carter and Leah totally got to order for themselves tonight. I'm not sure I paraphrased their conversation with the girl at the window correctly because their order was complete and they were off running before Jen and I even walked up to the counter! Good thing we had the money to pay for their treats!

Mmm Fritz's sure tasted good tonight. Oh and it's custard not ice cream. Frozen custard seems to be the thing in Saint Louis.

And Jonah was happy about the free baby cone!


Beth said...

I saw you there! I was driving down K and saw you loading up into a van. We love Fritz's too.

Sikes Family said...

Looks yummy!