Sunday, October 24, 2010

Backyard Camping

So we didn't really camp. We just pretended.

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Friday, October 22, 2010


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Friday, September 24, 2010

An afternoon walk

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Bug bite!!

This is a very crabby Jonah. Check out his eye! So nasty & swollen!! It earned him a trip to the dr today. Dr says it's a mosquito bite. The actual bite is right on the corner of his outer eyelid. Lots of jokes today about him being in a boxing match.

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@ the apple orchard

We have been busy. Must catch up on this blog sometime. Yesterday was apple picking. Many thanks to Ronda for this photo.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

iPad = eyepatch

Leah says, "I'm pretending I have an iPad"

I say "Leah, do you even know what an iPad is??"

She says "yup, it's what pirates wear when their eyeballs fall out to help them see better."


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Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's hot here. Really hot. Like 110 heat index or something miserable. We went to the park anyway. It had a fountain. We got wet. Couldn't talk the kids into putting dry clothes on. So here we are reading books. A dress for me. Just a dipe & undies for them. Ahhh summer

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Virginia Beach

Every year for years and years Paul's family has vacationed in Virginia Beach, VA. Every winter for as long as I can remember they have bugged Paul and I to join them. Paul always refused stating "why go somewhere hot when it's hot". We'll this year he got talked into it. So it was our first official family vacation!

Smartly, we opted to fly rather than try the 15 hr or so drive with the kids. And, since Saint Louis seems to be on the way to everywhere, both Paul's parents and his sister and brother in law stopped on their way through driving and took all of our luggage! Nice!

All in all it was a good trip. Our intense kids in a hotel room is always a bit rough and Jonah's need to wake up at 5am made for some LONG days. I will say the boardwalk on VA beach is an interesting place at 5am. Peace and quiet with the exercisers and the homeless people!

Other notes about our trip

- the kids really enjoyed the time spent with their cousins
- the pool was much more popular than the ocean with the kids. Leah didn't like the salty taste and JOnah didn't like the motion of the waves
- The four of us on a "family bike" was lots of fun
- I personally loved that Paul is willing to get ice cream everyday just like my dad was on vacation growing up!
- Mostly good food except for one meal that was ruined by a very loud very bad band.
- the kids did surprisingly well on the flights. That was one advantage to Jonah's early rising. He was TIRED by the time we flew.

I'm sure there are more but nap time is over!

MOBOT with Grandma Helen

With Paul needing to be out of town for work 17 days in the month of June, we spent some quality time with Grandma Helen & Grandpa Lee. First 5 days up in Pella and then a few more when Grandma came down to see us. The highlight of her visit here was a trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was HOT and HUMID but we got there early and enjoyed our visit.

City Gardens

We made a trip to City Garden again this summer on a day when the heat index was 105!! Paul was out of town so we picked up auntie Bethany from work and spent the evening getting wet!

Leah can Fly

Yup, she can fly, or at least tries too! Off the chair into the pool. Off the back of the couch. OFf the floor. Girl seems to be jumping, hopping, & skipping all the time. I fear she has inherited a pair of LOUD feet from me. I am forever asking her not to stomp or shuffle her feet!

And yes, this feat of flying off the chair into the pool, she taught to her baby brother as well. Praying for no broken limbs around these parts!

I have a blog??

Guess I forgot I have a blog that people might be checking. Darn facebook hogs all the photos but doesn't give a spot to add a story. Some photos need stories.

So I shall try to blog again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sidewalk paint.

Cornstarch + water + food coloring = lots of fun on a hot day. Paintbrushes, old tennis balls & hands & feet made a big ole mess. Fun times for all!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Go Cards!

We have been talking all spring about taking the kids to a Cardinal's game and yesterday was the day. Thanks to Craigslist, Paul was able to score us some good tickets in the shade which was nice since it was 92 degrees yesterday! We made it through 7 innings and I only had to spend two of those chasing Jonah around in the halls. When we left the Cards were down by two but came back to win in the 10th inning. We had fun I think. I didn't see much of the game!

With my sister Bethany. Did I mention she's living with us till the end of July??

Baby's first Cards game.

Slip N Slide

Last summer Leah loved the slip and slide. However, I tossed the one we had last summer. It was pretty gross & part of it was broken. It saw lots of mud and grass and such. Yesterday we stopped and Marshalls and LEah went through the check out line with daddy while I was cruising the clearance section in the back. She talked daddy into a new slip and slide. This one has a tunnel to go over it too but we didn't get that part up yet. We invited some playgroup friends to come over and try it out with us (yes us, I took a turn too). Leah loved it, especially when I picked her and Jonah up and threw them down the slide super fast!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

36 hrs in Nashville

Back in April my friend Ronda and I hopped on an airplane early on Saturday morning headed to San Antonio! It was a great 36 hrs visiting our friend Jennifer who moved down there with her family in March. We had a small shower for Jen and then hit the Riverwalk for the rest of the evening. Fun times for sure!

Of course, it may be the last time I ever get to go anywhere. Paul had quite the time with the kids!

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