Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Virginia Beach

Every year for years and years Paul's family has vacationed in Virginia Beach, VA. Every winter for as long as I can remember they have bugged Paul and I to join them. Paul always refused stating "why go somewhere hot when it's hot". We'll this year he got talked into it. So it was our first official family vacation!

Smartly, we opted to fly rather than try the 15 hr or so drive with the kids. And, since Saint Louis seems to be on the way to everywhere, both Paul's parents and his sister and brother in law stopped on their way through driving and took all of our luggage! Nice!

All in all it was a good trip. Our intense kids in a hotel room is always a bit rough and Jonah's need to wake up at 5am made for some LONG days. I will say the boardwalk on VA beach is an interesting place at 5am. Peace and quiet with the exercisers and the homeless people!

Other notes about our trip

- the kids really enjoyed the time spent with their cousins
- the pool was much more popular than the ocean with the kids. Leah didn't like the salty taste and JOnah didn't like the motion of the waves
- The four of us on a "family bike" was lots of fun
- I personally loved that Paul is willing to get ice cream everyday just like my dad was on vacation growing up!
- Mostly good food except for one meal that was ruined by a very loud very bad band.
- the kids did surprisingly well on the flights. That was one advantage to Jonah's early rising. He was TIRED by the time we flew.

I'm sure there are more but nap time is over!

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