Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for some baseball!

Yup, we are ready to watch some Twins & Cardinals games. Looks like we may have a future player on our hands. Paul got both kids balls & gloves for Leah's birthday!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

We attempted to get a decent family photo and a decent photos of the kids together but this is about as good as it gets!




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City Museum

This past weekend we got a visit from Auntie Abby and her boyfriend Ryan. We were happy to see her and glad she made the trip all the way from Minneapolis. On Saturday we took them to City Museum. It's tought to describe what the place is all about. It's a combination of art and jungle gym and junk. The entire place is construced from materials "found" in the city of Saint Louis. Fun times were had by all. The rest of the weekend was great too!




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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How does your garden grow??

Well, our garden isn't growing at all yet but after a week of 70+ temps I sure hope we see something before too long! Leah was super excited to get some seeds going this year. I wish I had been organized enough to do some ahead of time in the house but with a month worth of company every weekend, it just didn't happen. Oh well.

I'm hoping we get a bit more out of our little bed than we did last year. Last year was sort of a "test" and I figured out what we needed more of. Greens Beans and Sugar Snap peas are taking up most of the space, along with carrots, lettuce, & chard. We will do some buckets with tomatoes and peppers and a few herbs up on the deck too I think. Last year the tomatoes and pepper got eaten by squirrels. Hopefully we can keep them away this year. And hopefully we will have some seeds come up. Jonah really got into the whole "digging" thing and may have dug up more seeds than we got planted!




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