Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snot & Sun

We've got the snot. Colds, hacking, boogers, icky stuff. Poor Jonah had the worst of it last week & was diagnosed with a double ear infection & sinus infection. Amazingly, it didn't slow him down much. Now Leah has it and has been wiping her nose so much it looks like she has a little red mustache. And I've got it too but I'm managing. Really it could be do much worse, a friend's son was diagnosed with pneumonia last week & supposedly RSV is going around. I had to laugh when the nurse at the dr's office tried to test Jonah's oxygen levels last week. They never got a reading & the dr walked in and said "I'm sure his lungs are just fine if he was able to put up that much of a fight!" Hopefully we will be back to normal soon.

As for the sun, we have finally gotten a taste of spring! We've made several park trips & covered the street in front of the house with sidewalk chalk. We sure were ready for some fresh air!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, a few words. This is the stuff that is making me crazy!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My boys lovin the Oreo cheesecake I made for Valenties!

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Winter Zoo

Have I mentioned how much I like going to the zoo in the winter?? No? It's quiet & calm & you can visit with animals for as long as you like. And I get this feeling that the animals are actually happy to see you! Or at least curious about what the heck you're doing there when it's cold!

Oh & the old ladies volunteering in the reptile building were thrilled to see Leah coming. She got a full education on how snakes shed their skin, including a slighty creepy demonstration of a stuffed snake doing just that! Good thing Paul wasn't there, he'd have been running out the door! Did you know he HATES snakes!?

We also really like the Zoomagination Station which is a giant playroom of zoo related activities. The snowleopard cave & water table were the kids favorites today. It was nice that there were 4 whole kids there today!

As for animals, we saw penguins, bears, apes, chimps, monkeys, all the reptiles & sealions. Our faces were the peguins & the moments we had with the gorillas!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


The kids & I are spending the weekend in Pella while Paul celebrates MardiGras with some work people. Grandma Helen found out about a snowshoe nature walk put on by the Army Corps of Engineers at the rec area just up the road. Jonah didn't last long in the shoes & we spent most of the hike pulling Leah in the sled, but it was fun & interesting. I now know all about snow fleas!

We were able to check out the shoes to bring back to my patents for the weekend & Leah is now a pro. Sure makes exploring the outdoors in the snow a bit easier. Grandpa Lee loves it & is ready to order his own pair!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, February 8, 2010

One Jonah = 10 normal kids

Yeah, that's what the child care director at the YMCA told me on Saturday. He said that having Jonah in the class room made it like having 15 kids instead of just 5. He said they were all playing nicely until they heard a crash. It was Jonah pulling the bucket of blocks over. So they all headed over to pick those up until they heard more noise. It was Jonah who had climbed on the table and and dumping the container of crayons upside down. So the staff headed over to pick those up before Jonah and the other little ones started eating them. And then more noise. All of the coloring papers hit the floor. Jonah again.

Seriously, at least once a week someone asks me how I deal with him. It's like this. No chairs at the table or counter. Nothing breakable in bottom drawers. Locked lower cupboards. And yes, he still gets into stuff. I have very little make up left thanks to him and the dog gets extra meals because he sneaks into the pantry closet where the dog food is. Yesterday there were a million pieces of egg shell all over the kitchen. Don't ask!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fast cars

The other night I took the kids to the "Science is Fun" event put on by our Parents as Teachers program. Science was not so fun for me as all I did was prove that it's impossible for one mommy to chase two kids in opposite directions. I think the kids had a good time though. The big hit for both of them was a swimming pool filled with pasta & shovels & buckets. I decided not to recreate that one at home since Jonah was really into emptying the pool! I did manage to make some nifty car ramps like they had there today though. Leah's still sleeping & Jonah & I are trying to see which is faster, the fire truck or the garbage truck.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family Photo

I'm not sure why I didn't put this up here before, but here's a family photo of us from Christmas taken by Uncle Ryan. Leah was just a little wound up about opening gifts and Jonah was ready for bed! Classic!
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This is where she put the furniture. I'm waiting for my mom to remind me about my obsession with moving furniture as a young person. I think I actually broke my bed from moving it so much.

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Afternoon antics

My friend Wendy calls most afternoons around 4:30. This is what Leah did while I was on the phone. It's not the first time. I'm not sure if I should be singing the praises of the manufactures of those nifty felt floor protectors for an unscratched floor, or cursing them for making the furniture easy to slide. I'm seriously considering bolting the furniture to the floor. Or maybe I can talk Paul into heavier furniture??

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