Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Zoo

Have I mentioned how much I like going to the zoo in the winter?? No? It's quiet & calm & you can visit with animals for as long as you like. And I get this feeling that the animals are actually happy to see you! Or at least curious about what the heck you're doing there when it's cold!

Oh & the old ladies volunteering in the reptile building were thrilled to see Leah coming. She got a full education on how snakes shed their skin, including a slighty creepy demonstration of a stuffed snake doing just that! Good thing Paul wasn't there, he'd have been running out the door! Did you know he HATES snakes!?

We also really like the Zoomagination Station which is a giant playroom of zoo related activities. The snowleopard cave & water table were the kids favorites today. It was nice that there were 4 whole kids there today!

As for animals, we saw penguins, bears, apes, chimps, monkeys, all the reptiles & sealions. Our faces were the peguins & the moments we had with the gorillas!

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