Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snot & Sun

We've got the snot. Colds, hacking, boogers, icky stuff. Poor Jonah had the worst of it last week & was diagnosed with a double ear infection & sinus infection. Amazingly, it didn't slow him down much. Now Leah has it and has been wiping her nose so much it looks like she has a little red mustache. And I've got it too but I'm managing. Really it could be do much worse, a friend's son was diagnosed with pneumonia last week & supposedly RSV is going around. I had to laugh when the nurse at the dr's office tried to test Jonah's oxygen levels last week. They never got a reading & the dr walked in and said "I'm sure his lungs are just fine if he was able to put up that much of a fight!" Hopefully we will be back to normal soon.

As for the sun, we have finally gotten a taste of spring! We've made several park trips & covered the street in front of the house with sidewalk chalk. We sure were ready for some fresh air!!

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Ronda said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!!