Saturday, February 13, 2010


The kids & I are spending the weekend in Pella while Paul celebrates MardiGras with some work people. Grandma Helen found out about a snowshoe nature walk put on by the Army Corps of Engineers at the rec area just up the road. Jonah didn't last long in the shoes & we spent most of the hike pulling Leah in the sled, but it was fun & interesting. I now know all about snow fleas!

We were able to check out the shoes to bring back to my patents for the weekend & Leah is now a pro. Sure makes exploring the outdoors in the snow a bit easier. Grandpa Lee loves it & is ready to order his own pair!

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Beth said...

FUN!! I wonder if you could find anything like that around here?

Kristin said...

OH HOW FUN! Jonah is getting so big!