Monday, February 8, 2010

One Jonah = 10 normal kids

Yeah, that's what the child care director at the YMCA told me on Saturday. He said that having Jonah in the class room made it like having 15 kids instead of just 5. He said they were all playing nicely until they heard a crash. It was Jonah pulling the bucket of blocks over. So they all headed over to pick those up until they heard more noise. It was Jonah who had climbed on the table and and dumping the container of crayons upside down. So the staff headed over to pick those up before Jonah and the other little ones started eating them. And then more noise. All of the coloring papers hit the floor. Jonah again.

Seriously, at least once a week someone asks me how I deal with him. It's like this. No chairs at the table or counter. Nothing breakable in bottom drawers. Locked lower cupboards. And yes, he still gets into stuff. I have very little make up left thanks to him and the dog gets extra meals because he sneaks into the pantry closet where the dog food is. Yesterday there were a million pieces of egg shell all over the kitchen. Don't ask!

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Ronda said...

I understand completely!