Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My baby girl is four. For some reason this birthday was a hard one for us. She all of a sudden seems so grown up. Tall, pretty, opinionated, sassy all that stuff. I remember being pregnant and wondering what sort of personality she would have. . . .and know we know!

So what is Leah doing at four?? Totally into art work. Girl spends TONS of time sitting a the counter with crayons or markers. Give her a scissors and glue and you may not see her till supper time! YOu'll hear her though because she never stops chattering!! Music is another love. SO much that she requested a stage and lights to do her own shows! hmm what else

- calls herself a daddy's girl
- loves her brother as long as he doesn't touch her stuff
- play makeup was her favorite birthday gift along with the stage her daddy built her
- loves to talk to people on the phone
- interested in dinosaurs and this morning wanted to know if they live in volcanoes
- close to her friends. nice that she has had the same ones for quite a while now. making a few new ones too!

so much more I could say about my girl. I can only imagine what I'll have to say in 4 more years!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



This past Saturday we packed up the kids, some friends, & the bottle of Bailey's and headed downtown for me to run the Saint Louis Saint Patty's day 5 mile run and to catch the huge parade. 11,000 other people ran the race too and it was quite the experience. I'm glad to say that my kids know that exercise is important. They know that mommy likes to do it and that's why I haul them to the YMCA several days a week. They know that we do it to stay healthy and that it can be fun.

Now of course I'm not sure it was too fun doing it in 40 degree weather and then standing around in the same weather to watch the parade. And I'm sure it wasn't too healthy sipping Baileys after the race but good times none the less. It was all made better by the fact that our old friends, the Hansens, made the 8 hour drive down from Green Bay, WI to enjoy the festivities with us. I was thrilled that I treated them to thier first "corned beef and cabbage feast" and that they liked it!!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sewing Bug

I'm not sure if it's the winter blah's or what but last week I got hit the bug to haul out the sewing machine. I've been reading some craft blogs and saw some super cute ideas for turning old tshirts into little girl skirts, & men's dress shirts into dresses and pants! So here's Leah in one of my favorite old tshits!!! And it was easy enough for me, a beginning sewing without a pattern! I managed a sundress, hooded towels, & another skirt last week and did a bit of work on a pair of pants for Jonah today! Hopefully Leah will continue to think it's cool that I can make clothes her and not be worried about the "homemade look!"