Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My baby girl is four. For some reason this birthday was a hard one for us. She all of a sudden seems so grown up. Tall, pretty, opinionated, sassy all that stuff. I remember being pregnant and wondering what sort of personality she would have. . . .and know we know!

So what is Leah doing at four?? Totally into art work. Girl spends TONS of time sitting a the counter with crayons or markers. Give her a scissors and glue and you may not see her till supper time! YOu'll hear her though because she never stops chattering!! Music is another love. SO much that she requested a stage and lights to do her own shows! hmm what else

- calls herself a daddy's girl
- loves her brother as long as he doesn't touch her stuff
- play makeup was her favorite birthday gift along with the stage her daddy built her
- loves to talk to people on the phone
- interested in dinosaurs and this morning wanted to know if they live in volcanoes
- close to her friends. nice that she has had the same ones for quite a while now. making a few new ones too!

so much more I could say about my girl. I can only imagine what I'll have to say in 4 more years!!

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