Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mom Guilt

Since I have shared the information a couple of other places on the internet, I suppose I shall put it here as well. I am suffering from a serious case of mom guilt. A case that will most likely last a life time. My baby will have a scar to remind me of the nasty accident that happened on Sunday. It was chilly so I boiled some water for tea. In a moment of mommy business I left it on the counter not thinking it was in reach of Jonah. Well, he used his monkey arms and got it and pulled it onto his leg. The result is a second degree burn circling his right calf.

We spent Sunday night in two emergency rooms getting him taken care of. To add to the craziness Paul was on an airplane returning from Florida and had to meet us downtown at Children's Hospital. Jonah handled the whole thing like a trooper and did fine with his trip back downtown to have his bandages changed on Monday. It's going to be a while before he's all healed up but he'll be okay. I think it will be a bit longer before the mom guilt fades away.

Here he is with his leg all bandaged up and yelling!


Beth said...

Oh, poor little Jonah. Do they really think it will scar forever? I doubt if I can make your Mom guilt go away, but just remember that we've all done those Mommy things that we feel guilty about. And our kids still love us. :)

Miss J said...

I'm so sorry! How awful for both of you!

Kara said...

You're a wonderful mom, Sarah! Accidents happen, so don't beat yourself up. Jonah's such a sweetie, I'm glad he's okay.

Emalily said...

Chick's Dig Scars!! Haha

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

WOW, someone else has had this happen! When my daughter was around a year old she grabbed a cup of tea off the table (I had not realized she could reach it) she burned herself really bad. I have a background in natural medicine so I was able to take care at home naturally- no scar- so your little one may not have a scar later. But I will say I felt like a bad mom- I was in complete panic mode (to top it I was pregnant with my son, sick, tired and hormonal at the time!)

Don't worry, this does not make you a bad mom! We all make mistakes. You are a wonderful mom who loves her son deeply.