Thursday, April 16, 2009

Organized Sports

Tonight was Leah's first adventure into the world of playing organized sports. Soccer! Really seems like a perfect sport for three year olds. Leah was fired up and ready to go. She donned her shin guards and marched right out the door with her shiny pink ball that grandma & grandpa got her for her birthday.

All was well until it we got there and she had to put on the jersey. It was a no go. Guess green was against her fashion code tonight. The first ten minutes of her practice she spent crying and whining and trying to climb up my leg. I was a "mean" mom and lugged her across the field kicking her ball. Getting her out there was all it took for her to warm up! After she figured out how much fun it was she was lovin' it and kicked her pink princess ball all over the field and all the way back to the car when practice was over!

Now there are many other comments I could make about the joys of watching 3 year olds attempt to play soccer but we'll save those for another day. We have 5 more weeks to go!

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