Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yes, poop. It's a common topic of conversation at our home. How could it not be with a brand new baby and a newly potty trained two year old! So what do I have to say about poop????

Paul is convinced that both Leah and Jonah are truly his off spring due to thier pooping skills. Jonah is a poop machine and seems to have mastered the art of the "wet fart". I don't know that I have ever heard a baby fart as loud, long and juicily as this one. We are going to go broke buying diapers for him! The only good thing about his frequent pooping is that we know he is getting enough of the boob juice!

As for Leah, Paul is throughly disturbed by the size of her turds. I have heard him describe them as many things although "poop grenades" was the one that made me laugh the hardest. The other morning he got me out of bed to check out her giant turd before he would flush it. He can't figure out how something so huge comes out of our little girl.

Sometimes I feel like we are back in junior high with all of this poop talk. I guess it's better than us all being constipated though!


Dave Morris said...

I've heard kids grow into their oversized heads and oversized turds. I hope it's true...

The Morehead Family said...

This cracked me up...and made Jay cringe a bit when I read it to've done your job! :)