Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sting Razors

The new attraction at the STL Zoo this year is the stingrays. They have a big shallow pool filled with them. You can stick your hand in and pet them and even feed them! It's right at the height for kids Leah's size.

I found out last week that the sting rays will be leaving for the winter and realized that we hadn't been to see them yet, so I packed the kids up on Saturday and off we went. My friend Jen and I totally built up the experience for Leah and somehow in her little mind, stingrays became "sting razors!" Sounds like a scary shaving experience doesn't it!! Leah did stick her hand in the water but never did actually "pet" a sting razor. She got freaked out when the very first one splashed us.

The rest of our day at the zoo was great. Jonah finally is at the age where he was interested in the animals! Fun times.

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