Monday, October 13, 2008

FFF - Fall Family Fun

Now if my sisters just read the title of this post they are thinking "FORCED FAMILY FUN". It's what we used to call family time on weekends when we were teenagers and would rather have been doing something with our friends. It's sort of silly because looking back we usually had a good time during our "forced" family time.

Yesterday was FFF day at our house. Paul probably would have liked to spend the day napping in the recliner watching football but I had other plans. I really enjoy all of the fall activities but had never been apple picking so off we went to Centennial Farms. It was a long winding drive through some gorgeous Missiouri countryside. Had we not had the air condiditioning on and the windows down there may have been some car sickness. This was how Leah spent the ride.

We were a bit bummed when we got there that very few apples were left on the trees due it being a busy weekend but there were enough for us to have the experience and bring home a few. Paul and Leah of course had to sample the merchandise and Jonah slept through it all.

Oh and Jonah did join in the fun of our family day. He woke up for the hayride!

. . . . Now, to figure out what we should do next weekend!!

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The Morehead Family said...

You guys all look great...the kiddos are adorable!! Yay for some FFF!!!