Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tall Grass

Almost 5 years ago when my parents moved into their place they started working on restoring some of their land to natural prairie. This time of year the grass is quite an amazing thing to see. It it so tall it feels like you are driving through a tunnel when you pull up the drive way. It makes me wonder what the country side looked like when the pioneers came to Iowa back in the day. My dad says that back then you could drive from Chicago to Des Moines without seeing a single tree. Everytime I go for a walk out back at their place now I wonder when a buffalo is going to come sneaking out! (well not really anymore since my dad informed me of the regulations and types of fences one must have to actually raise bison) Anyway, I love the tall grass and finally got Leah to venture in it this fall! She is learning to love the "tickle grass" too.

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