Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Cool for School

So today was Leah's highly anticipated first day of "preschool". Preschool at age three?? Yup, our school district has a cool program where the Parents as Teachers Program puts on a preschool along with the high schools. So Leah goes to preschool for the next seven weeks and three classes of high school students teach her class as part of their child development class.

The only not so fun part about Leah's school is that she has to be there at 7:50 AM and it takes about 15 minutes to get there. Now really that's not THAT early. It's just the being dressed, fed & out the door part by that time that's hard work for us. Can't you tell by the expression on Leah's face in this photo?! We were running late and didn't have time to take 20 to get a smile! Our family of four along with a nifty Elmo backpack made it in time even after we had to turn around due to road construction and move our cars since we parked in the wrong place!

I really hope that Leah likes school. She started off being VERY shy today and sticking close to Paul and I. She did really well when the teachers gave her one on one attention but she had no interest in playing with the other kids. Hopefully she'll warm up over time.

And this is her cool new skill for the week. She needs a little coaching on the "A" but otherwise, she has it down!


Miss J said...

Good job Leah!

Kristin said...

Oh she looks so cute on her first day!!

writing her name? WHOA!