Monday, March 30, 2009


"Have you seen Jonah's twofers dad?"

"They're really coming up! Did you see them???"

Leah is totally intrigued by the appearance of Jonah's teeth. I guess it's the natural curiosity over something appearing where once there was nothing. I've convinced her that touching them is not a good idea because we all know that baby brothers DO bite!

As for Jonah and teething. I was really convinced he would be just like Leah and be a toothless wonder until almost his first birthday. I even scoffed at my friends who swore he was teething. Guess, this mom doesn't know everything. Those two little white chompers pushed on through right during the craziness of company and planning for Leah's birthday party. He endured the typical crankiness but nothing he didn't survive with a few doses of tylenol and a few nights of sleeping with mommy. Guess he knew he had to do something special to get attention the week of his sisters birthday!

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