Sunday, June 14, 2009

Berry Picking

After last year's adventure to the berry farm during which Leah shit her pants, I wasn't sure she would be too excited about returning again this year. She remember the big storm and asked many times if there was going to be thunder. (Her biggest fear at the moment!) We went right AFTER a storm this time.

We got there nice and early and before the crowd and the heat. Strawberry picking was slow since Leah wasn't much help. Too many mushy berries for her. It was tough work for me with a 20lb baby strapped to my back as well. We quit and headed to the raspberries which was much easier. There was room for Jonah to explore and to munch on dropped berries and Leah & I could pick standing up.

Seriously, Leah is pro raspberry picker. She knew just which ones were ripe and exclaimed "Mom these red ones are just flying off the trees!" If she was a bit taller I'd rent her out to the farm to pick berries!

We ended up with WAY too many berries considering Paul won't touch raspberries. It was a challenge to use them up. We did strawberries with french toast, ice cream, & in a dish with sugar, made strawberry pie, and made some fab freezer jam. MMM good summer eats!


Ryan Thompson said...

What solid photos! Especially the first one.

Kristin said...

so cute!!!! You do such fun things!!