Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I sadly way behind on blogging as usual. The week of Halloween was pretty crazy since Paul came down with the dreaded swine flu on Tuesday of that week. We quarantined him to the bedroom and spent hours keep the kids away from him. We were pretty cute wearing our masks all week too!

Due to the germs our Halloween plans got stirred up a bit since Grandma Sally & Grandpa Gene decided to postpone thier visit. Our friends Troy and Jen still came over to share the festivities with us though!

Jonah was the cutest little fire man in the neighborhood. I had to trick him into wearing the fireman hat by putting a winter hat on underneath it so he couldn't feel the fire hat!
"Uncle" Troy was in charge of handing out candy. Between his scarey set up and the creepy music Paul blasted out the upstairs window we had the creepiest house in the cul de sac!
Leah said "let's take a laughing picture mom!"
Dr. Mom and her swine flu patient!
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