Monday, November 23, 2009

What We've Been Up TO

MOre Blog neglect. I wish I was better at keeping up but it's tough. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and get annoyed when they never update so I should be better at it here!!

So the big news for this past week is that the kids were sick. Nothing major just temperatures & snotty noses and then an ear infection for Jonah. Made life rough for thier momma since Leah had to miss two days of school and we couldn't go to the YMCA either. We entertained ourselves by getting out all of the Christmas stuff, starting on our Christmas baking & doing some Christmas projects. Fun stuff!

Hmm before that we had two busy weekends of company. First a visit from Grandma Sally & Grandpa Gene on a GORGEOUS weekend. Seriously, almost 80 in November!! We spent some nice time outdoors and had a fire including smores!! The next weekend Grandma Helen & Grandpa Lee came down and spent ANOTHER gorgeous weekend with us. November has had better weather than OCtober!! Paul and my dad hit Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop and mom and I took the kids to the Wildlife Preserve for hike. Lots of walking in the sun!

This weekend we had visitors again. Aunt Laura, Uncle Jim, cousin Brian, & our friend Dave came down to attend the IA State vs Mizzou football game. The kids and I did NOT go along. We tackeled some Christmas shopping!

So yeah, that's what we've been doing.

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