Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Video

Today is Paul & my 6th anniversary so I dug out the DVD of our wedding to watch. We have been reminded of our love & the beauty of the beach. We forgot how windy it was. We realize what a long 6 years it's been & how much we miss miss Paul's brothers Collier & Billy who celebrated with us that day but are no longer with us. We laughed over how much we & many of our guests have changed. The best part was the comedy of sharing the video with Leah.

"look mom, it's Grandpa Chicken on TV!!"

"mom, are you marrying grandpa??"

"grandma looks old, she must have had a birthday"

"when can I get married?"
"when you are a grown up & you find the right person that you love, Leah"
"I love Carter so I can marry him !"

We didn't do much to celebrate today but I hope we showed our kids that we love eachother & that we love them & that we love a good laugh!

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