Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you still my momma?

So yeah, had my first meltdown as a mother of two on Sunday night.

Bedtime has been an issues off and on for Leah lately. It seems that when there is transition in her life her anxiety about it hits at bedtime.

Anyway, I am a hardcore mom and do my very best to stick to a bedtime routine and limit the number of books, songs, backrubs, etc. Well things slid a bit this past week since we were feeling bad about shaking up her life so much. After three times of having to go back in her room for one more song and back rub I was on the verge of losing it. Then she pulls out the line "Are you still my momma?"

Talk about a guilt trip. Girl knows what buttons to push!

After some explaination of how some people have two kids, having plenty of love to share and sharing her momma she was somewhat okay. Paul still had to go and have a few words with her before she settled down to sleep.

I felt a little better when she asked him if he was still her daddy too.


PurpleROse said...

oh honey!!! I SO GET IT! I had such guilt at times, I was spending too much time with one, and not enough with the other etc. SOon your life will settle back into a normal routine. Hang in there!

Paula said...

Sarah - I totally understand! I've been feeling horrible lately about spending so much time with Anna. I feel like Ella is getting the shaft...I know it will pass and things will slowly get back to normal.

The hormones aren't helping...I've been having a much harder time than I did with Ella.

Violet said...

Awww... It must be hard to have to understand how Mommy and Daddy have this other little person to take care of now. Although, at lunch today, Leah did tell me that Baby Jonah was her best friend.