Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tomorrow is baby day!

So tomorrow will be the day! Our little boy's birthday that is! At least if all goes as planned and labor isn't excruciatingly long!

I saw my OB this morning and there continues to be an issue with my blood pressure being high. Were I not 38 1/2 weeks along they would put me on bedrest to avoid my passing out. Instead, they will induce labor tomorrow morning. Getting the baby out is the only way to get the blood pressure down. This is similar to what happened when Leah was born as well.

It's a surreal feeling know that tomorrow is the day. I know some people these days get a week or two to anticipate and others get none. Even having the 20 hrs we have is strange to me. So how are we spending our last hours as a family of three??? Well we got the carseats situated in the cars and went to Costco to grab some frozen meals and muffins and such for the family members that will be visiting. Paul and Leah are both napping and I'm cruising the internet. So productive! I do plan to vacuum and clean the bathrooms yet tonight.

Anyway, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I was blessed with a quick and relativly easy labor with Leah and am hoping for the same this time aroud.

Oh and there is wi-fi at the hospital so we'll try to update as much as we can tomorrow!


Beth said...

Hi Sarah, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and can't wait to see pictures!

Vicki said...

Good luck tomorrow! Let me know if you need anything. Can't wait to meet Jonah.

Dave Morris said...

We're looking forward to meeting the little guy and seeing you all safe and sound after the delivery.

Good luck...

The Morehead Family said...

Lots and lots of luck today!! Will be thinking of you often, and hoping that it's all going quickly and as easily as possible.
Can't wait to see the newest addition!!!