Friday, November 7, 2008

Autum Antics

I haven't mentioned much here about our house or our neighborhood, but it's a pretty nice place. There are a whole mess of kids that live around the cul de sac that play outside in the evenings. We have had unseasonably warm weather this week and the kids decided that making a huge leaf pile to jump in would be fun. Now, they decided that underneath the small tree in the front yard was the perfect place for the pile. They quickly realized however, that the small tree didn't offer quite enough leaves for a good pile. Smart kids that they are, they came up with a fabulous plan. The boys got their rakes and snow shovel and ran off to their yard to fill up leaf bags. They hauled about 10 bags of leaves from their back yard to the neighbors front yard. I'm sure their parents were thrilled! Anyway the pile was huge and all ten kids, including our little Leah jumped in just as the sun set. They then threw leaves in the air and screamed and danced and did belly slides into the leaves. It was a lovely reminder of the abandon of childhood. All the parents standing around really wanted to jump in too.

I tried to recreate a big leaf pile for Leah last night but it wasn't the same without the other kids. Made for some decent photos though.

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Paula said...

We did that on Wed. Morning...I did actually jump in the leaves!!