Monday, November 24, 2008

Another 1st for Leah - the NFL!

Yes, Leah got to attend her very first NFL game yesterday. Rams vs Bears. She has now been to see a professional hockey game, baseball game and football game. She behaves amazingly well! I don't think she really gets into the game itself but loves the music, lights, cheerleaders, and food. Oh the food! When Leah walked in the door yesterday afternoon I asked her what she saw. She replied with, "I had ice cream!". Paul quickly added, "we weren't supposed to tell mom that part!" Of course Paul spoiled her with cotton candy and soda too. I hope the food was enough to convince her to want to go again since I enjoyed a quiet day with Jonah. I have to give credit to Paul for taking her out to a big event on his own all day. He was pooped when he got home.

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