Monday, December 1, 2008

Over the River & Through the Woods

This past weekend we made the trek back up to Wausau to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas with Paul's family. It was a FULL weekend.

Some of Paul's family has made a tradition of heading out to one of the local tree farms to cut down Christmas trees. Paul is big scrooge and refuses to have a real tree, much less go to the woods and cut one down. Well, since for once it wasn't frigid over turkey day, I packed up the kids and joined them. It took a lot of borrowed hats, mittens, snowsuits & boots to keep us warm. I was ill prepared since we haven't had to brave cold temps much down here.

Anyway, it was fun. I think the dog had the best time. I loved the venture into the wilderness and Leah burned some serious energy. Oh and some nice trees were chosen. Unfortunately we are still looking at our pathetic fake tree. I thought about cutting one down, but there's no way Paul would have driven all the way from WI to MO with a tree strapped to the roof of the Benz.

to the trees!

the tall trees beyond the x-mas trees

Jonah all bundled up

the scary bridge over the creek

Leah with her cousins Nick & Stephanie

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Paula said...

That would of been a sight..the tree on the Benz...almost as good as on of those travel pods strapped to the top of our BMW! Ask Mike about that one...