Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a Trim

I have been debating for months about cutting Leah's hair. There was something about her white blonde silky tresses that I couldn't mess with. She actually sits for "hair dos" and shampoos. However, the longer her hair got, the more the ends were starting to collect jelly from toast & chesse from macaroni. It's no fun trying to get out sticky gray stuff from hair.

So at two years and 8 months old and I finally bit the bullet last week. My friend Angie agreed to trim up Leah's ends while we were visiting up in WI. Leah, armed with a sucker, was a pro. I don't think she moved a muscle during the whole process and was quite proud of herself when it is over. I hope the next one is just as painless. Oh and I didn't cry over her haircut since it really was just a trim and I think I am the only one who can tell she got a cut!


Jennifer said...

I thought it seemed...tidier...but I was thinking it was just the ponytail.

Jennifer said...

I meant "sleeker!"

Sarah said...

yes, tidier and sleeker. my kid turns into a "dirty" kid by the end of the day.