Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Unfortunate Prune Incident

Yes, I have plenty of x-mas stuff to post about. We had a lovely time with family, the kids got great gifts, we ate good food, but first I must tell this tale.

So regular readers of this blog know that there have been a few posts in the past about the pooping abilities of my children. They don't really have difficulties in that area. In fact Leah's turd producing ability is profound. Knowing this, I should have thought twice when Leah munched down a snack of prunes last week. I think she had three, but would have eaten more.

I thought the prunes had worked their magic when Leah requested a trip to the potty while out shopping at the mall. I was wrong. Very wrong. The "magic" happened right in the middle of Leah's nap time. She had a serious assplosion which was major trauma for my potty trained girl. Needless to say Leah got a clean colon for Christmas.

Maybe they should put a warning label on prunes.


Kara said...

Oh, poor Leah (and mom)! This did make me giggle though. Hope you're all doing well and Happy New Year!

Kristin said...

oh no!!!!!!!!!

at least your kid is potty trained!!

Paula said...

That's funny!! Not for you (having to clean it up) or her...but funny!!

Tena said...

"assplosion" - that is brand new to me! LOVE IT!