Thursday, December 18, 2008


So this post isn't about my kids. It is about the wonders of technology. I have chatted on-line and used instant messaging but never as much as this week. For some reason, two days this week my mom and all three of of my sisters have chanced to be on g-mail at the same time. It's been a really fabulous, and somewhat amusing way to catch up. This afternoon we got the quite the laugh while Bethany was on her lap top and I was on the desktop chatting with Meg in Illinois and Abby in Minnesota. Made for an easy 4 way chat about a possible x-mas gift for mom and dad. I think mom felt a bit left out hearing all the beeping and typing and not knowing what we were going on about. Who knew we were so technologically advanced?!

I wonder what sort of technology Leah & Jonah will use to chat when they are our age?

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