Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will Power

So I feel like I am involved in a serious battle of wills around our house these days. I know I should probably be thankful that I have a strong willed child who knows what she wants but when I am the one testing her will, it's not pretty.

The biggest battle now is that Leah is refusing to take a nap. She has taken one nap in the last 5 days and that was after a 90 minute battle to get her to rest. Now really, I can get over her not napping if she will stay in her room and entertain herself for at least an hour. It's the playing in the bathroom, smashing the light in the spare room, undressing and putting on her swimsuit in November that I'm not loving. I guess she is entertaining herself though. I am just sad that my two hours of peace and quiet to regain my sanity each day are over. The only plus is that last night she went to bed at 7:15.

Tantrums are on the rise as well. Leah screamed for an hour last week since her mean momma refused to give her anymore juice. Today I dragged her (literally) kicking and screaming out of the mall. She wasn't ready to go. Some lady in the parking lot patted me on the back and said "bless you momma" when she saw me wrangling my two year old over my shoulder while Jonah was in the sling on my chest.

I'm not sure why I am blogging about this. I feel like I am whining. Guess is just documentation of what life is like this week.

Oh and a funny Leah story to end on a better note! We took the kids along while we were voting yesterday. Leah did pretty well but REALLY wanted to run around. All was well until we were filling out our ballots and she tripped. Tripped right into the voting stations and nearly took out three of them. Paul hurried to straighten them up before the domino effect happened. We were quite the sight.


Vicki said...

I hoped you made it to your car alright! I almost came back to help you but didn't have a way to get Adam in my stroller so...Sorry! Good thing we didn't go to Children's Place!

Sikes Family said...

Tough week. Hang in there.

The Morehead Family said...

I'm right there with ya!!! It's been a LONG couple of weeks, but I just try to stay consistent and wait for this phase to pass too!!! Lots of luck...I'll be thinking of you!