Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocking Out

So Leah attended her first Motley Crue concert last night via the VH1 Classics channel on our TV. I think I must have gone to listen to too many bands while pregnant because she loves rocking out to loud music. That or she inherited her love for loud music from Paul. He says Motley Crue is his favorite band ever. This is just a short clip but Leah jammed out for close to two hours. Jonah was pretty enthralled with it as well. If these kids insist on listening to music at the volume level their father does I'll surely be deaf here before too long.


Beth said...

I love the video!! Katie usually surprises me by picking "rock" as I'm scanning through the stations. Well... that is IF we're not listening to Sesame Street. :)

tcofbz said...

um, nice!!! like a true stalker with big hair and in her underwear!! Love it!! The CRUE would be proud!