Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5 months for Jonah

Five months ago today Jonah was born and I am reminded that he is growing like a weed. He is becoming less of an infant everyday. As far as milestones and such I have very little idea. He's my second kid so I guess I quit paying attention. As long as he is fed and happy I am happy! Actually, he is nearly sitting on his own. I have seen him roll over both ways but is much too busy chewing on his feet to practice. He loves it when you sing to him and is very ticklish. I am in love with his warm smile and belly laughs. He still is a crappy sleeper but I'm not willing to let him cry it out yet so that is that. Guess it's time to wrap up this post since I can hear him upstairs in his crib kicking his feet. That's his favorite thing to do. He kicks so hard he nearly shakes the whole house!


Tena said...

Happy 5 month-day Jonah! He is SUCH a cutie Sarah! I didn't let my kids CIO either, I totally understand. Hope his birthday gift to you is better sleep!

Beth said...

I don't blame you Sarah. I couldn't let Katie cry it out either. Even if I didn't get to sleep, it was much nicer to pick her up and let her fall back asleep in my arms. :)