Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Put 'em to Work

So I am one of those moms that reads the weekly "Baby Center" updates. You know those ones that tell you where your kid should be at developmentally. The ones that give you ideas of how to tackle the typical trials and tribulations of everyday parenting. Most of the time I feel like I do a lot more reading of "how to parent" suggestions than I do of actually following them. However, last week I decided to try one out.

Leah is getting to the age where she understands that people have jobs and there are things that "need to be done." As in "need to be done before I will pick you up, play a game, etc". I figured (and baby center suggested) that chores would be a good idea for her. So I, the task master, set to work! I now have Leah doing all of the cooking, cleaning and diaper changing around here which is why I have TONS of time to blog!! Okay, not really here is here chore list. Most of it is stuff I expect her to do anyway.

- get dressed
- brush teeth
- put shoes away
- hang up coat
- pick up toys
- set the table
- put clothes in laundry basket

She gets nifty stickers to put on her chart if she completes the task each day. Sometimes I wish someone would give me a nifty sticker for doing the dishes! You can tell that she takes her jobs quite seriously!


Tena said...

Wow, impressive! I am one of those moms who read the milestones and goes, "you CAN'T be serious???" lmao

Jennifer said...

I love it! She can dress herself? I'm impressed. I am so with you, I wish I would get a sticker or even a thank you sometimes!

The Morehead Family said...

WOA!!! I can't believe she's able to do all of that on her own!! Yay Leah!!!
Great idea...now if only I could find some chores that I know Hayden could accomplish...hmm...:)