Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

I'll have to admit we really haven't missed the snow since we left Wisconsin. We get a taste of it visiting our parents up in Iowa and the one or two times a year it really snows here. . . . .like yesterday! We got LOTS of snow. Enough snow that Leah informed Paul this morning that the roads are yucky and he needed to be careful driving to work. Fortunately they weren't bad enough to keep Paul from coming home at noon with a brand new sled for Leah. Nap time got pushed back and we tested it out. It was quite the thrill to hear her say "can I do it again".

Of course Jonah had gotten enough fresh air earlier and fell asleep in his snowsuit when I laid him down on the floor while I went to put my coat on!

eating snow

in search of a bigger hill

a post sledding snuggle with Daddy & a cup of hot cocoa

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