Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Post

So I tried to start a blog long ago when I was pregnant with Leah but just didn't have enough to say at the time to keep up with it. HOPEFULLY I'll do better this time around. Leah is doing so many hilarious things these days that I feel like I need a place to document them. I have a feeling that her little brother will be just as interesting!

As for the title, it was the title of a journal of mine in the past on a differnt site. Leah had dropped a blueberry in my coffee. That statement reminds me of the randomness that comes with being a parent. The randomness of your schedule, sleep, where you find toys, food, the pacifier and the moments that melt your heart. Leah is really good and throwing out a random "I love you" these days. We sure love her too.

Oh and bear with me. My crazy child sucked on the end of my camera cord a while back so I have very current photos of her. Need to get on ordering a new cord ASAP.

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