Thursday, June 26, 2008

New blue butterfly shoes!

So I haven't blogged in a week due to being gone to Iowa. Yes my parents do have the internet, but I have no patience for the dial-up connection they are stuck with out in the country.

One of the many adventures Leah and I had on our trip to her grandparent's house was a day of garage sale shopping. Leah was a trooper most of the morning until it got hot and she didn't understand why the playsets in people's yards were NOT for her to play on.

We didn't purchase much but at the last sale of the morning we found a special treasure just for Leah - NEW SHOES! Who knew that my little girl would instantly become a fashionista when she laid eyes on the baby blue sandals with butterflies on the toes? For the purchase price of a dollar we couldn't pass them up even though there is no way they will fit on her feet past the end of this summer. Leah got them on and walked right off the lawn to the car in her fancy new shoes.

Well, as we know, all women love new shoes but Leah has brought that love to a new level. Since the purchase they are the only shoes she will wear. She wants them on pretty much as soon as she wakes up in the morning and would like to wear them to nap as well. Her pink tennies and comfy crocs just aren't cutting it anymore. This morning I noticed that she had tucked two baby dolls and her two blue sandals into bed. I guess they make good toys when they aren't on her feet!

Now to add one more interesting detail to the tale of the new butterfly shoes. When I was four or five I developed a similar obession over new shoes. . . . they were blue too!

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Violet said...

too cute! my mom used to have to fight my sister to get her to take off her patent leather shoes... they were just so shiny! good to know that leah has some killer fashion sense!!