Saturday, June 14, 2008

a shitty day

So I guess yesterday was just a shitty day for Leah. . . .

We were both due for a bath or shower before going out for dinner last night so I ran a nice hot bubble bath for the two of us. Yes, I still bathe with my two year old and no, it is not relaxing. We got in and soaked and I came out smelling like Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I let Leah stay in the tub and "swim" for a bit while I got dressed. She was having a great time and started ripping loud farts in the tub and announcing "I tooted mama!" Now, I should have considered the farts a warning because about three farts later Leah gambled and lost. Yup, poo in the tub. The farts weren't funny anymore. The time I had to spend disinfecting the tub wasn't funny either.

When Paul got home and asked Leah what she did today she did say strawberry picking, had doughnuts, or played at Carter's house she announced the news of her poo in the tub. Guess it was memorable for her!

hmmm two posts about poop in a row. Hope I don't scare people away.


Violet said...

Love that she remembers the poop as the important part of the day.

Charlie's Moppy said...

Guess it was just a crappy day heehee!