Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stolen Photo

So I nabbed this photo from my friend Vicki's blog. I really really really need to get a new cord for mine. I don't know why I have been procrastinating on getting one. (Maybe so I don't have to pass on a belly pic!) Anyway, it's of Leah and her buddy Adam playing at Adam's on Tuesday.
The two of them are a pair of little goobers. They get along well MOST of the time. They have been hanging out at least once a week for the past year. Thier newest thing is hitting eachother . . . . for fun. Well at least it's fun until someone gets hurt. Usually Adam since Leah is bigger than he is!
It's just nice that we have been here in MO long enough for Leah to have made some really good friends. She asks about them all the time, is thrilled when they come over to play and tells me she misses them if it's been awhile since she's seen them. She's also full of hugs and kisses for all her friends whether they want them or not! Paul calls her a stalker. I just hope her caring spirit continues as she grows!


Vicki said...

A stalker...that's funny! Nice photo too! Bradley said he has that one on his computer at work. I'm glad Leah and Adam are such good friends!

Violet said...

That's a great pic! Very cool to know that these are kids who may end up "growing up together" from such a young age...