Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tip toe through the Tulips

So these pictures are from back in May when Leah and I went up to my hometown to attend Tulip Time. There's nothing like three days of tulips, crowds & good dutch food. Having grown up in Pella, I know all the tricks and secrets, like which food stand has the best funnel cake, where the cleanest porta potties are, and which side streets are best for parking. It's really an indescribable experience as it is quite different from most festivals. I have fond memories of marching through the streets in my wooden shoes. I had fun sharing the festival with Leah and hope she can appreciate the one quarter dutch blood she has running through her veins!

Oh and if you ever decide to attend I recommend trying the poffertjes or any of these other tasty treats.

And yes, Leah is wearing an authentic dutch costume. I'm not sure what province it is suppose to be from though, either Friesland or Gronigen. No one really cares as long as the kids look cute!


Charlie's Moppy said...

Great picture's!! I love her outfit! Did you get a new camera cord?

Paula said...

How cute is that!! Love the outfit....That's awesome that you can share that tradition with her.