Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Grandma

Our kids are blessed to have three Grandmas as well as a few honorary grandmas here and there. Leah calls them all by name and knows which grandma goes with which grandpa. A while back Paul's mom, Sally, christened herself "Bad Grandma". Why, you ask? Is she mean to the kids? Does she smell funny? Did she do something naughty? Although she may be guilty of that last one sometime during her 70some years, it's none of those reasons. It's because she spoils the kids! She does things like letting Leah eat ice cream pretty much whenever she wants! I guess that's what grandmas are for though!

She sent the kids a package this week with a few things we forgot there over Christmas and some new clothes for Jonah. I know she reads this blog so "Thanks Bad Grandma!" Your address label made us smile!

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